Rob Litzke



2/2019 –

I currently work on a team that's improving Google Maps.

Social Good

7/2015 – 3/2018

I worked on fundraising for non-profits on web and Android, including the One Today application (small recurring donations via Android/iOS app), and donations through Google search results (via knowledge panel, and during natural disasters). I also developed standalone fundraising pages for some natural disasters, such as Hurricane Irene, which were featured on the Google Search homepage.

Google Docs editor suite

11/2013 – 7/2015

Android/JS developer working on the Google Docs editor suite. Focused on Google Docs (word processor) and Google Slides (presentations). Helped with initial launch of Google Slides on Android. Developed features for mobile image uploads, copy/paste, and improved UX.

Goldman Sachs

Trading Automation

7/2008 – 6/2013

Wrote investment decision and execution algorithms, with a focus on arbitrage strategies in international markets, especially Latin America (Brazil & Mexico). Conducted analysis of arbitrage opportunities, and reduced slippage in existing strategies. Specialized in lightweight, distributed, reactive networked engines running semi-HF trading strategies.

I also wrote various other software when necessary. This included automated trading systems for synthetic products such as swaps; order entry GUIs for synthetics and ETFs; post-trade reporting, booking, and positioning for synthetic products.

SUNY Stony Brook

Bachelor's in Computer Science, 2004-2008